Small actions.
Big results.

Most organizational change initiatives fail.
BEAT the odds by simplifying your approach.

A revolutionary way of leading change

As a leader, you want better results. In nearly all cases, this means doing something in a different way. In other words, people need to change their habits and everyday behavior.

If you have already tried that, then you also know it’s not easy. In fact, you could even say the odds are against you. What if we told you that you can BEAT those odds?

We’ve helped companies execute strategic change initiatives for over a quarter century. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot.

We’ve distilled everything we know into BEAT, a combination of leadership philosophy, change management methodology, and a platform to help you implement strategic change successfully.

You may have guessed that BEAT is an acronym, and you’re right. But it’s an acronym with a twist:

Sometimes one of the biggest barriers for change is that leaders and employees don’t quite understand each other. BEAT helps you bridge that gap and get everyone on the same page, pulling together towards a common goal.

For leaders, BEAT stands for Behavioural change, Execution, Accountability, and Transparency.

For employees, BEAT stands for Building habits, Empowerment, and Accomplishment – Together.

BEAT is a simple cure for complex change management challenges. It helps you translate your strategy into everyday behavior that creates measurable results!

1. Targets into story

2. Story into actions

3. Actions into habits

4. Habits into results