A modern way of leading change

Beat the odds by simplifying your approach

In order to succeed in change, you need to succeed in 4 journeys: 1) Targets into a story, 2) Story into actions, 3) Actions into habits, 4) Habits into results

The BEAT method guides you through these journeys and the BEAT platform ensures that your strategic plan is turned into habits and eventually results.


The philosophy is simple.


Turn your strategic targets into a story that inspires people and gives them a reason to invest in.


Turn that story into actions, highlighting the specific things people need to consistently do to live out the strategic story.


Create winning habits out of actions by reminding and supporting people regularly.


Enjoy seeing those habits turning into the results you desire.

BEAT bridges the gap between your strategy and people’s daily work.

The BEAT change management platform brings together the people, their most important actions, change marketing, personal interests, digital content, and situational snapshots as a service that enables everyone to focus on the most important tasks at hand.

The key benefits of BEAT are:

  • To remind and support in meeting the most important actions on a weekly basis
  • To make people’s accomplishments visible and encourage learning
  • To motivate interaction beyond department boundaries
  • To make changes in actions and results measurable and transparent
  • To enable the fast rhythm of change management and communication