What is BEAT?

BEAT is both a leadership philosophy and an application designed to help you manage change. It ensures that your daily work is firmly connected to your organization’s strategy by taking the smallest actions of your organization and its people into actual, big results.

In order to learn more about the BEAT change management platform, please visit: What is BEAT?

How does BEAT work?

The change management platform of BEAT brings together the people behind the most critical actions of an organization and combines them with change marketing, personal interests, digital content, and a service that monitors the continuous progress of change in a comprehensive and successful way.

The key benefits of BEAT are:

  • To remind and support in meeting the most important actions of your organization on a weekly basis
  • To bring transparency to the success stories of your people and encourage learning
  • To motivate interaction beyond the boundaries of your departments
  • To make the actions and results of change both measurable and transparent
  • To enable the fast rhythm of change management and communication

If you want to find out more how BEAT functions, please visit: How it works.

Where can I access the BEAT change management platform?

If you already have registered your BEAT username, you can download the BEAT mobile application for iOS and Android.

Alternately, you can also use the web app at app.leadthebeat.com.

However, if your organization is not yet a BEAT client, please contact us at contact@leadthebeat.com.

How can I learn to utilize BEAT even better?

If you wish to learn how to further utilize BEAT in improving your organization’s change management, there are several useful tutorial videos and materials available within the BEAT Academy (to be published soon).

For personalized support, you can contact us anytime at contact@leadthebeat.com.


I am experiencing technical problems with BEAT. What should I do?

If you are facing any technical difficulties with your BEAT experience, please contact us at contact@leadthebeat.com and we will come back to you within the next 24 hours (weekdays).

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